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A SparkQI Journey to Mental Wellness Exclusively for Women in Saigon

Welcome to the EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES, a unique journey to mental wellness, crafted exclusively for the women of Vietnam by SparkQI. In recognizing the distinct and diverse challenges faced by women in our community, we have designed this program to be a sanctuary for growth, understanding, and empowerment.


Our program stands apart because it’s deeply rooted in the lived experiences of Vietnamese women. From the pressures of balancing professional aspirations with personal and family responsibilities to navigating societal expectations and personal growth, the EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES addresses these with cultural empathy and expert insight.  

  • Achieve lasting transformation with a scientifically validated roadmap to fulfillment.

  • Drive meaningful change with strategies grounded in research-backed principles.

  • Harness the power of evidence-based coaching psychology for tangible results.

  • Integrate principles of applied positive psychology to cultivate resilience and thriving.

  • Benefit from insights derived from cutting-edge research in wellbeing science.

  • Personalized strategies tailored to your unique needs, ensuring holistic growth.

  • Experience the synergy of scientific rigor and compassionate support on your journey.

  • Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and flourishing? 

  • Experience the intersection of science and personal growth. 

  • Embark on a path to a brighter, more fulfilling future! 




  • Equip yourself with effective stress and anxiety management techniques.

  • Enhance your self-esteem and confidence in both personal and professional spheres.

  • Forge lasting connections with a supportive network of like-minded women.

  • Learn to navigate life’s transitions with grace and resilience.


Over four weeks, with sessions held every Wellbeing Wednesday or Serenity Saturday, you’ll engage in 2-hour workshops designed for intimacy and personalization, limited to 20 participants per group. Our curriculum includes:

Week 1

Building a Foundation of Self-Awareness


Week 2

Techniques for Stress Management and Anxiety Reduction


Week 3

Goal Setting and Future Planning with Confidence


Week 4

Cultivating Resilience and Empowerment in Daily Life


Led by Nina Jankovic, a renowned expert in women’s mental health, our series promises guidance, insight, and support. Nina brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to each session, ensuring every participant finds value and transformation. 


Nina Jankovic is the visionary founder of Spark Positive, dedicated to fostering a world where individuals and organizations can truly thrive. With a rich academic background in psychology from the United States, specializing in cross-cultural psychology, Nina's passion for human potential led her further into the realms of positive psychology. Her pursuit of excellence saw her obtaining a certification in Positive Psychology Coaching under the guidance of Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener in Singapore, followed by a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in the UK. A native of Belgrade, Nina now calls Ho Chi Minh City her home, where she continues to inspire those around her. As a certified yoga instructor, Nina embodies the principles of mindful living and the importance of integrating physical activity into our daily routines. Her commitment to well-being extends beyond her professional achievements, finding joy in time spent with her family and the community. As the facilitator of the EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES, Nina brings her wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to empower Vietnamese women on their journey to mental wellness. Join us in this transformative program, where Nina Jankovic will guide you to discover your strengths, foster resilience, and connect deeply with a community of like-minded women.

"My vision for this program is to light the spark of self-discovery and resilience in every woman, supporting her to navigate life’s challenges with strength, joy and wisdom"



In the words of women from our community, the journey to mental wellness is both necessary and deeply personal. Their experiences shed light on the challenges and aspirations that inspire the EMPOWERHER WELLBEING SERIES:

"I feel stuck... at around 25-26 years old, entering life feels late. I'm surrounded by friends who have their careers and families set up, and here I am, feeling lost and unsure about the future."

Sharing by a Vietnamese Woman in Her Mid-20s

These voices echo the diverse experiences and challenges faced by Vietnamese women at various life stages. The EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES is designed to address these unique needs, offering strategies for managing stress, building resilience, and fostering a supportive community.


  • Start Date: April 15th

  • End Date: May 18th

Join us over these enlightening four weeks, where each session is designed to address the distinct challenges and aspirations of women, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for personal growth.

How to Register

Ready to transform your wellbeing? Registering is easy – simply email to secure your spot or gift this empowering journey to another woman in your life:




To ensure a personalized and intimate experience, spaces in the EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES are limited. Secure your place in this transformative journey by registering before the deadline on April 4th. Don't miss this chance to invest in your mental wellness.

Program Fees

  • Standard Fee: VND 1,950,000 per participant

  • Early Bird Special: Register by March to enjoy a discounted rate of VND 1,450,000 per participant.


We believe in rewarding those who are committed to their wellbeing journey. Take advantage of our Early Bird Discount by registering before March 30th. This special offer is a token of encouragement for taking the step towards a healthier, more fulfilled you.

Empower with Purpose: Supporting CSAGA

Joining the EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES not only nurtures your mental wellness but also makes a positive impact. We're donating 8.3% of every registration fee to the Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender, Family, Women, and Adolescents (CSAGA). This organization champions gender equality and supports those affected by gender-based violence in Vietnam. Your participation extends beyond personal growth, contributing to crucial societal change. Together, let's empower ourselves and support vital community causes.

Contact Information

For any further inquiries or assistance with your registration, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Thanks for submitting!

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Our FAQ section covers everything from how to prepare for the series to what makes this program uniquely beneficial for Vietnamese women. Check out our comprehensive guide to ensure you’re ready to embark on this journey.



Discover techniques to manage stress, build resilience, and enhance your self-esteem. Our sessions focus on practical, applied positive psychology strategies tailored for women, led by the expert Nina Jankovic.


2. Who Is This Program For?

Any woman looking to improve her mental wellness, connect with like-minded individuals, and empower herself with tools for a more fulfilling life. Whether you're facing specific challenges or simply seeking personal growth, this series is for you.


3. How Is This Program Different from Other Wellness Workshops?

Led by the renowned Nina Jankovic, this program uniquely blends cross-cultural psychology insights with positive psychology practices, focusing specifically on the needs of Vietnamese women. It's an intimate, science-backed journey towards mental wellness. Experience the synergy of scientific rigor and compassionate support on your journey.


4. What Is the Structure of Each Session?

Each 2-hour session in this 4-week series is designed to be interactive and engaging, including discussions, practical exercises, and personal reflection. With a limited group size, you'll receive personalized attention and support.


5. How Can I Register, and What Are the Fees?

To register, email Details on the program fees, including any early bird specials or group discounts, will be provided upon inquiry. Space is limited, so we encourage early registration.


6. What If I Miss a Session?

We understand life happens. Participants will have access to session summaries and resources. However, to gain the full benefit, we encourage attendance to all sessions.


7. Can I Gift This Program to Someone?

Absolutely. Gifting the EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES is a thoughtful way to support a woman in your life seeking growth and well-being. Contact us for gift registration details.


8. What Age Group Is the EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES Designed For?

The EMPOWER-HER WELLBEING SERIES welcomes women of all ages. Our content is crafted to address mental wellness challenges and growth opportunities relevant to adult women across different life stages. Whether you're navigating early career challenges, mid-life transitions, or seeking enrichment in later years, this program offers valuable insights and tools for personal development.

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