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Spark Positive offers comprehensive training in Applied Positive Psychology

 Gain practical tools to make significant and positive difference in peoples lives! 

Supporting people to thrive! 


Spark Positive invites you to join an exciting journey into the science and research of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.


Engage in activities, tools, strategies and techniques that you can immediately use to support yourself and others around you to flourish.


Exciting journey of self-discovery, growth and change, because happiness is not something that happens to us, but rather it is something we actively create.


It is not enough to “think” positive, but rather to work towards positive and to “exercise” positive.


These two 5-week series workshops will provide you with an introduction to the science related to happiness, well-being, flourishing and the positive aspects of human experience. You will gain an understanding of what contributes to well-being and how to build on the enabling conditions of a fulfilled life for yourself and others.

  • Develop greater emotional awareness

  • Learn how alter and regulate moods

  • Handle more skillful stressful situations

  • Manage relationships with greater skill

  • Create a thriving environment for you and you loved ones 

  • Learn how to utilize best out of yourself so you can become even greater

  • Have more energy and be more productive

  • Learn about the basics of emotional agility

  • Learn basic coaching skills to support significant people in your life


  • Week 1 Building Resilience through Positive Emotions and Emotional Agility

  • Week 2 Discovering your best to make you even better

  • Week 3 Positive Psychology Coaching Skills in Everyday Communication

  • Week 4 Growth Mindset for the Inevitable Change

  • Week 5 How of Prioritizing Positivity


  • Week 1 Art of Bouncing Back

  • Week 2 Building Blocks of Thriving Relationships

  • Week 3 Creating Positive Environments

  • Week 4 Basic of Mindfulness and Yoga

  • Week 5 Project L.I.F.E.


For more information or to ask a question please email

  • WORKSHOPS SERIES 1 Commencing September 2023

  • WORKSHOPS SERIES 2 Commencing February 2024


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“A positive, life-changing experience!”

Michelle, USA

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